How To: Use Eventbrite To Manage Waivers For Challenges
Follow these instructions to set up a free Eventbrite ticket system to have your participants sign a waiver.
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If you're looking to have your participants sign a waiver or agree to certain terms and conditions, consider using a free ticketing platform like Eventbrite. In this setup, your participants will go through Eventbrite's ticketing process to agree to terms and to provide their information. This way, you'll have confirmation of participation, the information they're using in the challenge, and their acknowledgment of your terms and conditions. Here's how to do that:

Part 1 - Setting your Challenge

First, you should set your private challenge. This is important because how large your challenge is, will determine how many tickets you'll need to create and what kind of information you'll be adding to the event details. Just in case you need it, here are a few links to help:

After setting your private challenge, you might want to create a custom join code. If so, please follow these instructions: How To Create Custom Challenges Codes

Once you have the following two things set:

  1. Your challenge is completely set up and ready to go

  2. Your challenge code is ready at hand

Then you're ready to move over to Eventbrite.

Part 2 - Create Your Free Eventbrite Event

You'll need to either create an Eventbrite account or sign in to an existing account. Please follow their website instructions to do this. Once you've created an account, please follow these steps:


  1. Click on Create Event

  2. Fill in your basic event info.

    1. Fill in your event name and your organization name.

    2. Then select:

      1. Type - Meeting or Networking Event

      2. Category - Charity & Causes

      3. Sub-Category - Environment

    3. Ignore the tags section since you'll be keeping your event private.

    4. For Location - Select "Venue" and add your organization headquarters or a central location that your challenge is set to. Do not use Reserved Seating

    5. Date and Time - Set the event dates according to your Litterati challenge and set the time to midnight (12:00 AM).

    6. Click Save & Continue.


  1. Add your Main Event Image following the instructions on this next page.

  2. Add your challenge details to the Description portion

    1. Give it a short summary but also give it more context. You can add images or a video as well.

  3. Click Save & Continue.


  1. You'll be pushed into the Add Tickets page. Start with selecting the "Free" box.

  2. You can change the name of the ticket or leave it as "General Admission"

  3. For Available Quantity, select the same amount as your participant goal from your challenge from Step 1.

  4. For "When are tickets available?" select the best dates so that you're able to give your participants enough time to sign up.

    1. NOTE: By default, the last ticket sales date is before the event starts, however as you might have people who might be late joiners, set your sales end date to midway or just before your challenge ends.

  5. Ignore the Advanced Settings

  6. Click Save


To set waivers/terms & conditions, you'll need to set Order Options.

On the left menu bar, select Order Options and click Order Form. On the next page, it'll say it can't find one, instead, click on the "Create new form from scratch" link at the bottom of the middle section.

Collect Information From:

On this next page, you'll set your custom form.

  1. Select "Each Attendee"

What do you need to know about your attendees?

  1. You can select different details that you want to collect from your participants on this page. You can include information and make them required. Feel free to select whatever is relevant for you.

Adding Terms and Conditions

  1. Click on the "Add a new question" button. A new pop up window will ask for more information.

    1. In Question Prompt, put in "Accept Terms and Conditions"

    2. In Question Format, select "Additional Terms & Conditions"

    3. Add your actual terms and conditions in the box.

    4. Click Save

    5. It will add a new section called "collect more information"


This is where you'll direct your participants to Download Litterati, Claim their account, and use your customized Join Code for your challenge.

  1. Simply add your instructions in the "add special institutions" box. If you need it, here's some copy you can use:

    1. "Thank you for signing up for our challenge. You'll need to download the Litterati app, Sign up for an account, and use our join code: 'ABCD1234'"

  2. Then click Save.

That should take you back to the ticket information page. If not, click on Tickets on the left menu bar and then click on the Next button.


Verify that everything is correct on this page. You'll also be setting the privacy for your challenge. If you're engaging the public, you'll want to leave the public option selected, just be sure you created enough tickets.

To keep it private, follow these steps:

  1. Select "Private" for your event

  2. Select "Anyone with the link" can join

  3. Click on Publish

Part 3 - Finish

From there you should be good to go. Feel free to share this link with all your participants. Just in case you need it, here are a few resources that you can use to help guide your participants through the creation/claiming process or joining process:

Hopefully, that helps get you set up and your participants are able to sign the waivers or terms and conditions that you need.

Please let us know if there's an issue with this or if you have any questions at

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