If you have an unsupported device, you might notice your camera is blacked out:

This is a bug we're aware of on specific mobile devices. While we have yet to determine what is blocking the camera, we've developed a workaround so you can still take photos and upload them to Litterati.

Instead of using the Litterati Camera, you'll use your phone's native camera app and upload through Gallery Upload.

Please note: this feature is not enabled by default, if you need this feature, please reach out to support@litterati.org with the subject line "Unsupported Device Help" and provide your device information, a screenshot of your camera, your username, and account email address so we can help.

Here's how to do a gallery upload:

  1. First email support@litterati.org following the instructions above.

  2. Second, once enabled, please open the app and navigate to the blue camera icon:

  3. With your camera open, select the grey gallery icon in the bottom left corner:

  4. From there, your camera's native gallery will appear. Select the individual litter photos in your gallery. NOTE: If you have an Android device, DO NOT PRESS "SELECT ALL" as this will trigger our system to flag and/or invalidate your litter.

  5. Press the Select button and Upload your items.

  6. Be sure to tag your items after upload so your litter data is complete, for more information on why you should tag your items, please read this article.

  7. You're all set!

If you have any questions, please reach out to support@litterati.org

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