The Litterati Platform is optimized for engaging communities of employees, residents, and volunteers; and analyzing litter data by merging it with other data sets to uncover previously unseen litter insights.

While they seem to be similar or tangential, they're actually quite different and focuses on different parts of the global litter problem.

Community Focused

Data Focused

ENGAGE is focused on mobilizing and engaging the maximum amount of people to come together on a single platform and visualize crowd-sourced litter data to create healthy competition, assist in achieving volunteer goals, and obtain early insights into what and where litter is being found.

ANALYZE enables the data to be collected in a rigorous consistent method for comparison and analysis. It allows for the data to be merged with external data sets such as population density, demographics, land use type, and other relevant datasets to uncover previously unseen insights, which allow for better policy implementation, tracking extended producer responsibility, optimizing systems, and infrastructure, and personal behavior.

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