A free individual account allows you to document litter and have access to the Litterati filtered data and visualizations for creating individual impact. You can also create a challenge to encourage others around you to join and create a combined impact. However, you are not able to see other user’s data.

By Paying for an ENGAGE licence, a client can mobilize others through multiple means. The ENGAGE client has the ability to create and use the following features:

  • Can create a Featured Challenge

    • Promoted challenges

    • No geo-restrictions

    • Can send in-app notifications to participants

  • Host partner accounts

  • Offer multiple join codes to different partners, schools, or community groups

  • Integrated campaign

    • Umbrella campaign that adds additional attribution to your challenges

  • Multiple Administrator seats

  • 10 hours of onboarding and monthly meetings with a dedicated Customer Success Project Manager to ensure you accomplish your organizing goals

All of these features are made available to maximize the reach of your challenge to connect with individuals and organizations within your reach.

Click here for some examples of how to run successful challenges:

With an Engage account, you have the benefit of reaching different individuals, volunteer groups, employees, residents, and more. All of the data collected by these communities will be associated with your Engage account. The data will be processed and visualized using the Litterati Filtered data. So you will be able to create custom reports for MS4 reporting, volunteer reports, litter detailed reports (coming soon), and more.

If you are interested please click here to become a partner.

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