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How To - Create Featured Challenges Through The Partner Dashboard
How To - Create Featured Challenges Through The Partner Dashboard

Instructions on how to create featured challenges from the desktop dashboard.

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For more information on challenges, challenge types, and how to utilize them, please read our Introduction To Challenges article.

Please note: currently there might be a short delay before your challenge syncs to the server. Please wait at least 30 minutes before re-creating your challenge if it doesn't immediately show up.

Here's how to use the Desktop Dashboard to create challenges.

  1. First, be sure to switch between your Member role to your Admin Role.

  2. Next, click on the Challenges tab in the left menu bar

  3. Then click on the "Create a Challenge" button at the top right

From the Create a Challenge page, select Featured challenge.

Instructions For Featured Challenge:

Featured challenges are the recommended way to create your challenge due to their flexibility. You can define its location, or you can make it a worldwide challenge without boundaries. Other people can connect to it and help increase numbers. Lastly, you can send notifications to participants through Featured challenges. This feature isn't available for any of the other challenge types.

Start by selecting "Featured Challenge" from the Type dropdown menu.

  1. Upload your challenge image (recommended size: 1242 x 720 px)*

  2. Select if this challenge will be public or private*

  3. Give your challenge a Title*

  4. Give your challenge a brief summary in the Details section*

  5. If you have a URL you'd like to add, you can in the website section

  6. Give your challenge a Litter Goal*

  7. You can give a participant goal if you have one.

  8. Then select "Worldwide" for no limit. If you want to define your challenge location and give it a radius limit (500km) then type in the location of your center point and then drag the slider to increase its radius.

  9. Select the start and end date*

  10. Click Launch Challenge to complete your challenge.

* denotes a required field.

Once you've created your challenge, you can then add a custom Join Code. Here are more instructions on how to do that: Add Custom Join Codes to your Challenge.

Please share our Participant Guide to those you are inviting to join your challenge

Also, please view our Partner Getting Started Guide for more information on strategizing, creating, and reviewing your challenges.

If you have any questions or requests, reach out to your Client Success Manager, or if it's urgent, contact us at

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