In order to collect the best possible data out there, we heavily depend on the Litterati mobile app. We’ve heard you. The app could be more intuitive and have a simpler flow that allows you to collect, contribute and capture easily.

We’ve moved things around in the app without changing any of the functionalities. You should be able to see these changes in July 2021.

To bring the app to a common navigation pattern, we chose a flow similar to a popular application.

In the main navigation we are introducing & promoting two “new” tabs:

  • Activity

This is where you will be able to view all of the litter that you have captured and uploaded. The Activity tab is what replaces today’s “Gallery”. We plan on introducing a more engaging view in early 2022.

  • Tasks

As we work towards becoming more research-centric, we are rolling out a show of interest to become Certified Litterati Researchers where you will have the ability to get trained in order to collect data using a scientific and statistically accurate methodology. You can then use this data to get in touch with your cities in order to help inform policy & use the data to drive systemic change.

The main navigation also allows you to access your profile from the top left corner as seen in common mobile applications.

In the coming months, we do hope to add more elements & features built on top of this basic navigation to make your experience a smoother one.

We look to hear from you once we release this into the app stores in the coming week(s). Simply write to us at with any questions, comments, or concerns.

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