Solicit personal or public pledge statements from participants.

A great way to keep accountability up.

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Behavioral science shows that prompting people to create plans for action, identify their own reasons for the action, and name ways that they can complete the action will boost follow-through.

The best route is to have participants handwrite an entire Challenge Pledge (including location commitment, cleanup sessions, helpers, etc.), while the next best option is to have them type it or simply fill-in-the-blanks.

Sharing pledge statements will help establish a norm of participation and allow others to see how easy it is to select cleanup specifics to commit to.

  1. Ex. Template: “I am joining the Litterati challenge because _____. I will do _____ cleanups at _____ for _____ minutes each with the help of _____.

    1. Ex. “I am joining the Litterati challenge because my neighborhood’s kids deserve a clean place to play. I will do 4 cleanups at my neighborhood park for 30 minutes each with the help of my sister.”

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