At Litterati, we transform every image into meaningful data by automatically adding a geotag + data, & timestamp to the litter. Our LitterAi helps you add labels or tags to images: Object, Material, & Brand (OMB), i.e What is found? (eg: Can), What is it made of? (eg: Aluminum) and Who made it? (eg: Pepsi)

However, technology isn't perfect and we still need you to tag your data to help improve the LitterAI. Also, without your tags, we won't be able to confidently say what that item actually is.

Litterati then compiles that cleanup data into a robust database of litter maps around the world. Using your tagged cleanup photos, the Litterati team can ask questions such as, "How does the weather affect the types of litter thrown?" and "Are there more cigarette butts littered near bus stops?".

Check out this story from San Francisco and learn how the City partnered with Litterati to defend the city's cigarette tax. We have even more stories of impact on our website if you'd like more inspiration about what Litterati's data can accomplish.

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