Challenges are set by anyone. Be it a local community member, a global NGO, or a company. By participating in their challenge, you're helping provide data towards their account which hopefully they can use to help create systemic change.

You can join a challenge in two ways:

  1. By Join Code

  2. By Browsing

You can join as many challenges as you like, your data will go to all of them as long as you're within the challenge dates and radius.

Join by Code:

You have two options to join by code. If you're new to Litterati, your onboarding process will ask for it right away. If you're returning or a veteran user, you can go to the challenge tab and click on the blue "Join A Challenge With A Code" button.

Join By Browsing and Clicking on Participate

After getting settled into the Litterati App, you can click on the Challenges tab and click on the "Join" button at the top right. From there you can scroll through the Featured or Local challenges available for you to join. Simply click on the black "Participate" button to get started.

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