If you're an admin of a partner account, depending on your account setup might be able to add additional administrators to your account. You can do this from your Partner Dashboard account.

The benefit of having an additional admin is that you'll have another person that you can rely on to pull data reports and look at your partner account's overall progress.

Here's how to do that:

  1. Before you can add someone as an admin, they have to have claimed their account with an email address (Not AppleID or Facebook ID) in the Litterati App.

  2. Once they've claimed their account, you can add them via email address by logging into your Dashboard

  3. Be sure to view as Impact or Inspire Admin (if you see "Member" instead, you're already in the admin view)

  4. Then click on the Admin menu at the bottom left of the side menu bar

  5. Then scroll down to the add admin section and type in the email address of the account you're looking to add

  6. Click the Add Admin button and you should be all set

If you're unable to add someone or have any questions, please reach out to support@littearti.org or your Client Success Manager for more help.

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