Thank you for deciding to help clean your local community!

Whether you're collecting outside your front door, a local park, or even your local shopping center, you can follow these guidelines to make your outing safe, effective, and fun.

If you haven't already, please download the app on Apple iOS or Android.

Joining Challenges

If you've been invited to join a challenge, all you need to do is enter your join code in the challenge section of the app. Feel free to join as many challenges as you'd like as you can join multiple challenges at the same time. Read this article for more information: FAQs: How To Join A Challenge.

Once you've joined a challenge, your data will automatically count towards that challenge.

Getting Started

Here are a few steps to help you get started:

Step 1: Decide Where To Go

Step 2: Consider Safety Guidelines

Step 3: Prepare Your Phone

Step 4: Collect, Dispose, and Label

Additional Support

Step 1: Decide Where To Go

First, consider where you want to go and what route you're going to take. You can choose your favorite beach, park, or stick to cleaning up your neighborhood! If you're comfortable, clean up while hiking a new trail or exploring a section of your community you've always wanted to see. Cleanups are a great way to explore new places while keeping them beautiful and safe for others to enjoy. Regardless of where you choose, please don't trespass on other's property.

Step 2: Consider Safety Guidelines

To have a successful trip, you'll want to bring these items with you:

  1. Reusable buckets or feed bags to put litter into

  2. Trash bags

  3. Litter grabbers, kitchen tongs, or smart litter grabbers

  4. Reusable gloves

  5. Reusable water bottle

  6. Sunscreen, hat, bug repellant, and sunglasses (if needed)

Note: If using gloves to pick up trash: After picking up trash, wash your gloves and your hands in hot water and soap after picking up trash. Do not touch exposed skin with your gloves.

Step 3: Prepare Your Phone

It's best to download the Litterati app and setting up your account prior to collecting.

Here are a few important steps:

  1. Charge your phone

  2. Download the app: Apple App Store or Google Play Store

  3. Enable location services and camera access

  4. Create your account and claim your account to keep track of your efforts

Once everything is set up, charged, and ready to start collecting!

Battery issues or concerns

If you are experiencing battery issues, or are going for a long collection session you can follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the Profile Icon in the Litterati app (upper left corner)

  2. Tap on Settings.

  3. Turn off "Maximum Location Accuracy" and turn on "Upload only via Wi-Fi" in the app settings

  4. Put your phone into low battery mode to preemptively preserve battery life

  5. Bring a battery pack

  6. Put your phone in airplane/flight mode (GPS signal should work)

  7. Dim your screen to the lowest possible setting to remain viewable

These tips should help increase your battery performance while collecting.

Step 4: Collect, Dispose, and Labeling


Unless you're participating in a challenge that has designated a drop-off zone or the items have been contaminated and aren't safe to touch, you should sort your items and dispose of them properly. Please follow your local waste guidelines for recycling, landfilling, and composting.


When you're done disposing of your items, upload your photos to your gallery from home while on WiFi. Once uploading is complete, you can add labels to help identify what the items you collected are.

To make the labeling process simple and accurate, we created the C.O.M.B tag taxonomy:

  • Category

  • Object

  • Material

  • Brand

Category is automatically added to your tags depending on what you select for object, material, and brand. By adding these labels you'll help our database understand what the photo of the item is and be better at identifying it in the future.

(If you've collected items but are seeing a mismatch of your litter count/photos, please read this article: Why Isn't My Litter Photo Getting Counted? - Multi-piece Tagging Experience)

Additional Support

Just in case you need it, here are a few links to help get your way:

Guide: Litterati Label Taxonomy

Guide: How to Label + Batch Labeling

Video Tutorial: Getting Started Videos

If you need any further support, please reach out to

On Behalf of Litterati: Have Fun and Welcome To The Community!

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