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How To: Send Out Notifications For Featured Challenges - For Partners
How To: Send Out Notifications For Featured Challenges - For Partners

Instantly deliver messages in-app to people who are participating in your challenge.

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We've made it easy to reach out to all participants who have joined your featured challenge. This can be used to remind them of what they signed up for, inspire them to push through to the end, or notify them of any important news that you might have.

To send an in-app notification, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Impact Admin Account through the Dashboard.

  2. Navigate to the Challenges Menu and click on the title of your Featured Challenge

  3. On the Challenge Dashboard, scroll down until you see the Notifications Submenu.

  4. On the right of the Notifications Submenu, click on the blue "+Create New" button

  5. You'll be able to create your own Headline and Body Copy but there are character limits: Headline: 48 Characters | Body Copy: 200 Characters

  6. When you've checked to make sure your message is clear and free of errors, click on the Send Button to instantly send it out to your participants.

A few things to keep in mind though:

  1. Only featured challenges can send out notifications

  2. This goes out to Participants only, so you'll want to wait until you have a good number of participants before sending any messages out.

  3. A few well-timed notifications are better than sending many notifications out.

  4. These are delivered instantly, so consider the time that your participants might be in.

  5. Please proofread your messages prior to sending them.

If you have any questions regarding notifications, please reach out to us at

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