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General Presentation, Videos, Help Articles, Keynote & Press:

  • Litterati Challenge Kickoff Video (link)

  • Litterati Participant Guide (link)

  • TED Talk (link)

  • Jeff's Keynote @ChangeNow Conference, Paris 2020 (link)

  • FORBES article link

  • Business Insider (link)

  • Docker’s (Levi’s) campaign video (link)

  • CNN (link)

Litterati “Impact Stories” Examples (link)


  • City of San Francisco, CA (link)

  • City of Renkum (NL)/ Litterati (link)

  • City of Arnhem (NL)/ Lipton Ice-tea/ Litterati (link)

  • Rethink Disposable Alameda, CA (link)


  • Philadelphia, PA. PSD, clean futures collaboration with litterati (link)

  • Spencer Avenue Elementary School, Orangeville CA (7th & 8th grade) (link)

  • IES Francisco Javier Uriarte, Cadiz, Spain (1ESO) (link)/

  • WestSide School District, Jonesboro AR, (link)

  • Foundation for Environmental Education, YRE (link)

Environmental Organizations

  • WWF/ UN Habitat/ Litterati (link)

  • United Nations Environment, World Environment Day 2018 (link)

  • Plastic Soup Foundation, World clean up day 2018 summary (link)

  • Plastic Soup Surfer & Zwerfinator_Pervasco/Antaflu intervention (link1, link2)


  • Employee Engagement Campaign - Dockers (link)

  • Unilever - Lipton Ice-tea/ Litterati (link)

  • Litterati joins the Plug & Play “Alliance to End Plastic Waste” Program (link)

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