Litterati Taxonomy Guide

The LITTERATI community has developed a standardized labeling system that helps users and LITTERATI’S Machine Learning Model (LitterAI) to more accurately label images of litter.

You can download a PDF of the taxonomy guide here

How it works:

  • As users consistently label their litter images with OBJECT, MATERIAL & BRAND, the LitterAI is trained to better predict these specific labels in future images.

  • General Categories (ex. Drink, Food, Personal Hygiene) are derived from the different combinations of Objects & Materials. Where possible, a proxy weight and volume value is applied to each combination.

  • The combinations of Objects & Materials are then mapped to international standards such as CSIRO, OSPAR, UNEP-IOC, NOAA etc., as well as data sheets from organizations like Break Free From Plastic (BFFP).

Here are other category examples that you can review to help you during your tagging process:

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