At Litterati, we transform every image into meaningful data by automatically adding a geotag + data & timestamp to the litter. Our LitterAi helps you add labels or tags to images. Labels and Tags usually follow the Litterati Taxonomy of Object, Material and Brand (OMB), i.e What is found? (eg: Can), What is it made of? (eg: Aluminum) and Who made it? (eg: Pepsi).

You can find our entire taxonomy guide here

Once you have uploaded images onto the Litterati Platform through our Mobile App.

You simply need to go to your “Profile” and into your “Gallery” once you’re in the gallery, you can view all the images that you have clicked & uploaded.

Select an image that you would like to tag and start typing the tags that are relevant into the bar there, you can choose to follow the standard taxonomy of OMB. Our LitterAi will also help by suggesting tags that are relevant to your image.

Your app’s “Gallery” will also display only “untagged” images to help easily identify them, simply click on the toggle that says “Show Untagged”.

If you want to Batch Tag your images, this is particularly useful if you are collecting multiple pieces of the same litter like (cigarette butts, cans, coffee cups…), you would need to make sure that each is photographed separately and uploaded.

Once you’ve successfully uploaded your images and they are visible in your app gallery, simply click on the tag icon in the top right:

Then you simply select all the images that you want to batch tag. After you’ve selected everything just add tags to them all and follow the OMB taxonomy. All the images that you selected, will now have the same tags.

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