The Litterati Open Data Portal provides access to our community’s raw data that has been collected & catalogued by our users, over the years.

On the portal, you are able to self-serve and attain a data file of up to 50,000 fields. It is also possible to view a map of the data you are looking for.

To use the tool, simply, filter the data by

  • Entering in a Tag (this could be either object, material or brand related)

  • Filtering by Country

  • Sorting by a Zip Code (you need to also select a radius if you decide to use zip code)

  • Searching by a date range

Once you enter all the desired parameters, click on “Generate” and you will be able to see the total number of fields of your search and a Map of that data.

Please enter your email address to receive the data. You can adjust the parameters to meet the 50,000 field limit.

If you wish to attain data > 50,000 records, please fill the “Expanded Data Request Form” and one of our team members will be available and happy to assist you.

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